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At Virginia Neuro-Optometry, we see all patients of all ages.  We go beyond the standard eye examination to evaluate how the eye sees, how the eyes track and react to the environment it sees, and how the brain interprets what the eyes see.  Our goal is to provide diagnostic insight to your visual concerns and provide individualized patient-centered treatment options from including but not limited to lifestyle and workplace modifications, adaptations, prism glasses, and vision rehabilitation.

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"The Therapy You Never Knew you Needed"

Patient Resources

These forms can be printed out and filled out at home to streamline your experience in our office

Find out what type of exam and rehab services we offer

Learn more about payment options

Visit our FAQ page for helpful information about neuro-optometry, vision therapy and more!

Have your exam coming up? Click here to learn how to prepare for your exam

Each month we post a new article in the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia's Blog.

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