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Medicolegal Services

Independent Medicolegal and Qualified Medical Evaluation(s)

The beauty of the oculomotor system is the objectivity of it's assessment

Dr Theis is available for IME and QME retention.  She can perform a comprehensive neuro-optometric evaluation and provide opinions as to diagnostic impressions of oculomotor and visual disorders after brain injury, the differentiation between developmental/congenital  and post-traumatic visual/oculomotor disorders, and the prognosis, and current and future visual needs for patient quality of life as well as returning to work.  Dr. Theis is qualified to provide this service given her extensive clinical and research backgrounds in the different presentations of post-traumatic brain injury oculomotor dysfunction and developmental binocular vision disorders and strabismus.  In this role she is a neutral party, evaluating the connection between objective eye movement findings on sensori-oculomotor examination using standard clinical optometric diagnostic methods as well as objective RightEye eye-tracking technology and the correlation with patient history and symptoms, providing unbiased opinions based on objective findings.

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If you, or your attorney are interested in having Dr. Theis retained for medicolegal purposes or getting your patient a RightEye eye tracking test, please contact us 

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