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Helpful Tools For Reading

The following tools can help you keep your place while you are reading, and improve your ergonomics with reading/computer to reduce oculomotor (eye) and cervicogenic (neck) induced headaches

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Reading Line Guides

Visually crowded text can be difficult for the eyes to track. A line guide can help isolate the line of text to help your eyes keep their place, reducing re-reading, and helping with comprehension and reading speed.

Dodecagon Timer

Taking proactive breaks every 10-15 minutes of reading can help prevent dizziness, nausea, inattention, and headaches with reading for those with oculomotor dysfunction.  But actually stopping while working can be difficult! This timer is easy to use and incredibly helpful -  allowing you to take a short 1-2 minute "eye" break, quickly reset the timer, and get back to your activity!

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Reading/Writing Stand

Sometimes having the book or paper lying flat on the table can cause neck/eyestrain.  Propping it up on this stand so the eyes can look straight ahead and your head/neck can maintain good posture - allowing you to read for longer with less eye strain and headaches

Book Stand

This book stand can be helpful for if you are looking at a book/document but also need to take notes on a notebook, or if you want to read in bed

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