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Car Sound System

Tips for Driving Ergonomics
Prevent Eyestrain, Headaches and Neck Pain with Driving

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Lets face it - one car seat does not fit all.  Sometimes the ergonomics of your car is an added aggravator to your visual and musculoskeletal system.  The following may be helpful for you to modify your car and see if it reduces your symptoms

Also friendly reminder - NEVER text and DRIVE!

-Dr Theis and Dr Etheredge

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Head Rest Pillow

If you are constantly straining your neck forward to drive it can cause strain.  Sometimes a neck pillow can be helpful to support the neck

Lumbar Support Pillow

Sitting closer to the wheel while having added lumbar support can be helpful, particularly for those who are too short for the standard car seat

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Arm Rest Support

Just like our ergonomics for computer chairs, having a place to rest your arms can be helpful for your ergonomics.

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