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Citrus Fruits


In an ideal world, we would all eat a perfect balanced diet with 5-8 servings of vegetables a day, lean sources, of protein, and good quality fats.  However, sometimes perfection isn't possible.  Whether you are too nauseous from your injury to eat a quality diet or you have food aversions, poor nutrition can impact your eye and brain health and impact your recovery.  If Dr. Theis recommended one of the following supplements to you - the following is a list of products Dr. Theis prefers due to quality of ingredients and bioavailability.  Please note, not all patients need all supplements, and not all patients are candidates/able to take all supplements.  Please check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

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Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are natural pigments found in the back of the eye (retina) which help absorb stray light.  Patients with low levels of macular pigment density may have difficulties with contrast (seeing in low light areas) and glare sensitivity.  If Dr Theis measured your macular pigment density to be low in office and recommended supplementation - this is her preferred product of choice. She recommends taking it along with EZ tears omega 3s because it will increase the absorption of it.  Doctor Code: 30371


EZ Tears Omega 3s

Not all omega 3s are created equal.  Dr Theis prefers this formulation of omega 3s because it is sourced from sardines (and not a mix of ocean fish like other products) and it has a high DHA and EPA ratio. Doctor Code: 30371

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Sports Research


Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. To be properly absorbed it needs to have black pepper in the formulation

Nordic Naturals

Magnesium Complex

There are numerous types of magnesium out there. Dr. Theis likes this formulation as it has a balance of multiple types of magnesium

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*CAUTION: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This page is a resource for Dr. Theis's patients and if you are not a patient of hers, or have not had a discussion with her or your primary care physician about supplements then you should seek consultation prior to any use.

You are most likely to have side effects from dietary supplements if you take them at high doses, or instead of prescribed medicines, or if you take many different supplements. Some supplements can increase the risk of bleeding or, if taken before surgery, can change your response to anesthesia.

Please see the NIH Caution About Supplements for Consumers for more information.

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