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Neurologic Visual Field Loss Evaluation

Neurologic Visual Field Loss: Hemianopsia and Quadrinopsia

Visual field loss due to a neurological lesion like a stroke, brain injury, cerebral hemorrhage, or tumor may cause someone to lose half (hemianopsia) or part (quadranopsia) of their vision due to damage of the visual pathway in their brain.  While these patients may see clearly and have normal eye health exams, they may still struggle with their vision - bumping into things, knocking things over, fatigue with reading, losing their place with reading, difficulties finding things on the computer, etc.

visual field loss

The Neurological Visual Field Loss Evaluations look specifically at how much of the visual field is remaining, and how to maximize the patient's use of that vision using prismatic visual field expansion and/or oculomotor visual field re-training.  This evaluation also includes a visual processing screening to differentiate if the patient has solely visual field loss or if they also have visual inattention (hemineglect) as well.  This evaluation includes extensive time with the doctor (2 hours) to discuss rehabilitation and adaptations to improve patient quality of life at an individual level.

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Treatment Options

Treatment for visual field loss may include Yoked prism glasses and/or field expansion prism glasses, Visual field training to improve the eye's ability to scan the environment with a limited visual field, and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, which includes extensive patient education on lifestyle and environmental adaptations for patients with neurologic visual field loss and visual processing disorders.

Virtual Visual Field

We offer the Vivid Vision® Perimeter - a Virtual Reality Visual Field machine.  Presenting a white stimulus on a black background, it provides more successful testing for patients who are light sensitive.  The headset offers accessibility to our patients with mobility and cervical ergonomic concerns

VR Goggles
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