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Telemedicine Appointment

We offer revolutionary pediatric vision therapy, concussion and traumatic brain injury vision rehab and evaluation in office in Richmond, VA!  For those patients in Virginia or California who are unable to physically get to our office we are happy to provide our services via Telemedicine! Call our office for more details on Telemedicine options. 804-387-2902.
Preparing for a Telemedicine Appointment
  • You will need to sign the consent and new-patient intake forms before we can start your telemedicine appointment. 

    • If this is for a follow up appointment, you have already signed your consent forms you are good to go!

  • 5-10 minutes before your appointment time you will need to open a CHROME or FIREFOX browser on your computer or phone and go to  to check in.

For a great video call make sure you have

  • Strong wifi, cellular data or an ethernet cable

  • Close unused programs or apps

  • Update to latest Chrome of Firefox browser


You will need to have with you

  • a ruler or tape measure (you can print a ruler online or use an app on your phone if you dont own a "real one")

  • a credit card (we use it to standardize the size of the eye chart and for payment at the end of the exam)

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