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Telemedicine Services

If you're prepared for your scheduled appointment but have forgotten the link, simply click here:

 We offer revolutionary pediatric vision therapy, concussion and traumatic brain injury vision rehab and evaluation in office in Richmond, VA!  For those patients in Virginia or California who are unable to physically get to our office we are happy to provide our services via Telemedicine! Call our office for more details on Telemedicine options. 804-387-2902.

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Pediatric Vision Therapy

We offer home-based interactive software for patients with strabismus, vergence, accommodative, tracking, and visual processing problems.

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Concussion and Brain Injury Vision Rehabilitation

We offer home-based vision rehabilitation for patients with concussion and brain injury.  We can help guide your rehab through telemedicine appointments to increase compliance, change the program, and ensure success

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Neuro-Optometric Evaluation

Not all examination techniques can be performed through telemedicine.  However, for patients unable to leave their homes, or live far away and are able to get a dilated eye exam and refraction with a local optometrist, we are able to offer remote evaluations as well.  Please call our office to see if our services are available in your state!

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