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Our Team

Virginia Neuro-Optometry is a subspecialty optometric practice that sees patients of all ages both with and without brain injury who have visual complaints impacting their ability to function in their daily life.


Virginia Neuro-Optometry is proud to be a part of the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, an outpatient interdisciplinary clinic that provides neuromedical and rehabilitative assessment and treatment for patients with acquired brain injury with a particular focus on traumatic brain injury, including concussion.  We also deal with an array of problems often associated with such injuries including management of cognitive, behavioral, endocrine, and physical impairments associated with trauma, including chronic pain and headache.  Our team of providers is one of a kind, and the only outpatient clinic that offers the following services all in one place.  Each clinician lectures internationally, publishes, and participates in active clinical research.  Click below to read more about each one!

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Pediatric Optometry

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Vision & Neuro-Occupational Therapy

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Brain Injury Medicine

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Orthopedic & Neuro-Physical Therapy

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